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The Maple Leaf pattern hangs on the barn at Walnut Ridge Farm. The farm owners, Jerry and Carolyn Ayers, have the original quilt hanging on a wall of their cabin nearby. It was made by Jerry’s grandmother, Pansy Evans, in the mid 1950s as a present for her grandson at his birth. Acquired by the couple in 1984, the farm is located in the beautiful Tennessee Valley with the Appalachian Mountains in full view only 15 miles away. Upon acquiring […]

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Local Llamas Find Work, Gain Fame … As Caddies!

Source: The Greeneville Sun BY TOM YANCEY STAFF WRITER Llamas from Greene County have been getting a lot of attention — international attention, even — since they moved to North Carolina and went to work as golf caddies. The llamas that are now caddies were born in Greene County and were featured a few weeks ago on a Greenville, S.C., TV station, which led to a story on CNN, which led to a story on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). […]

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Fairway Friends

Two years ago we were showing llamas at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair Llama Show.  Mark English and his family came to our stalls several times viewing our llamas and talking about possibly purchasing some.  He wanted to train them to become “llama golf caddies.”  Mark, Bonita, and his son Eric visited our farm a few weeks later.  They purchased 6 young male llamas which we delivered to their beautiful farm in Brevard, North Carolina.  Two years later, the […]

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