Fairway Friends

Llama Golf CaddiesTwo years ago we were showing llamas at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair Llama Show.  Mark English and his family came to our stalls several times viewing our llamas and talking about possibly purchasing some.  He wanted to train them to become “llama golf caddies.”  Mark, Bonita, and his son Eric visited our farm a few weeks later.  They purchased 6 young male llamas which we delivered to their beautiful farm in Brevard, North Carolina.  Two years later, the llamas are trained and working as golf caddies on local golf courses in the Western North Carolina mountains.  The English family and their llama golf caddies have been featured on AC360 (CNN) and the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in England.  Just recently the llamas were featured on the NBC Nightly News.  We are proud of what Mark, Bonita, and Eric have accomplished with their llamas and we are proud of our little llama boys growing up to be famous golf caddies.  Carolyn had tears in her eyes as she saw our boys on national television and said, “look at our babies.”  Here is yet another answer to the age old question, “what do you do with llamas?”