SF-OK A Summer’s Eve

  • ILR: #281042
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: May 30, 2010
  • Llama Type: Silky

Now this is a huge red-head silky female that is out of Superior Farms in Oklahoma that we call “Evie”.  Her bloodlines may be one of the best on our farm.  Her sire comes from the Canadian lines of HCLA Bolivian Easy Money which brings very strong fiber rich genes.  Her dam side is super strong with WSL Ekati, Peruvian Keno, and Tillman’s En Vogue.  She is a very  large foundation female that should produce great crias for Walnut Ridge Farm.  We started her out at Walnut Ridge by breeding her to MGF San Maarten for a Fall 2016 cria!-1

Llama Pedigree

HCLA Bolivian Easy Money
M.R.S. EZ-Ryder
Riverside Moe Joe (Canadian)

WSL Ekati
SF-OK E-Vogue
Tillman's En Vogue