Rules & Regulations

This llama show is sanctioned by ILR-SD. All rules and guidelines for this show will be in accordance with the latest ILR-SD rules. Classes may be combined or added as necessary for the efficiency of the show. Exhibitors will be judged as a Northeast Tennessee lineup.  Results will be sent to ILR-SD as requested by the exhibitors.

Exhibitors who are showing in the ILR-SD show are not required to be a member of ILR-SD to participate, however, membership does allow the exhibitor to collect points towards year-end and lifetime awards.

Entries must be in the name of the registered owner and made in the exact name (owner and llama) as shown on the registration certificate or with a “permission to show” form. Failure to do so will prohibit entry into the show. Owners may or may not be the handler.

All llamas entered in approved classes, with the exception of Youth Classes, Performance Classes, and Non-breeder Classes MUST be registered or have passed screening with the International Llama Registry (ILR), or the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC). Copies of registration papers must be mailed with the entry form. ILR-SD no longer allow “pending” for juvenile classes. All show entries must have ILR registrations to enter the show.

Non-Breeder llamas do not have to be registered or have passed screening with the ILR or the CLRC. Non-breeder llamas must be accompanied by a Registration or Veterinarian Certificate verifying the animal is a gelding, a vasectomized male, or a spayed or non-productive female.

Youth entries must be made on a separate entry form (make copies). Youth may share the same llama as long as they are in different age groups.

Nursing llama mothers may not be accompanied in the ring by their crias. It is recommended to not show nursing mothers.

Llamas may not be moved from one class to another after halter judging has begun except at the judge’s decision.

Genitals will be examined by the Judge before the class.

Any misstated rules/regulations stated in the booklet or the website are subject to final decisions by the ILR-SD rules, judge, and/or superintendent.