Fees & Requirements


LLAMAS………………………………………………….$ 37 each
Plus ILR-SD Fees …………………………$ 3 each

PRODUCE OF DAM & GET OF SIRE……………$ 10 each
STALL FEES …………………………….……………..$ 38 each

You do not have to be a member of ILR-SD to participate in the show, but you must be an ILR-SD member for points to count toward ILR-SD awards.

Premiums will be paid out if the show has 110 or more llamas entered in the show.
First Place $10     Second Place $5     Third Place $5
Second place premiums will be paid if there are less than 5 entries in a class.  The premiums will be paid as follows:

1-2 entries – no premiums
3-4 entries – 1st =$5  2nd = $5

5+ entries – 1st = $10  2nd = $5  3rd = $5


Stall fees are $38 each (arriving on Friday or Saturday and leaving on Sunday) . A $10 extra charge for each stall will be required if the stalls will be used for Sunday evening. There should be no more than (2) adult llamas or (3) juvenile llamas per stall. The facility has two barns with solid 3-sided stalls, with rolling fronts – 50 facing outside and 50 facing inside each barn. Floors in Barn 1 are asphalt and floors in Barn 2 are crushed limestone with 23 of these stalls having rubber matting laid in stall.

It will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide bedding materials. Carpeting, straw, or sod is acceptable, but not available at the show site. You must provide your own hay and feed.

Show Management will pre-assign stalls beginning in the first barn on a first-come, first-served basis and will try to accommodate all special requests. Exhibitors from the previous year will be given priority for same stalls if registrations are received before the due date. Please check in at the registration desk BEFORE unloading in order to receive your show packet with stalling assignments. Health papers will be checked at this time by the Registration Clerk.

Electricity is provided for each stall and water is available at strategic areas throughout the barn area. You may need extension cords to run fans (minimum 50 ft).

Grooming area and cold water racks are available.

There will be an exhibitors’ meeting at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning at which time you will meet the judge who will give you the instructions and guidelines of what to expect and what is expected of you for the two show days. There will be NO pre-show fleece evaluations to determine which wool division you should be in.

Although not obligatory, it is recommended that show attire, which consists of white tops and dark (preferably black) pants/skirts be worn for halter classes. This is mandatory for Showmanship classes. NO OPEN-TOED FOOTWEAR.

There will be no class changes allowed at the show except those made by the judges, so be sure to know what class you want your llama to be in.

Ribbons will be given to 6th Place.

Deadline for entries MUST BE POSTMARKED no later than Friday, May 20, 2016.

Make checks payable to:

Jerry Ayers – NETLS
P.O. Box 239
Chuckey, TN 37641



  • All animals being exhibited in any type of livestock show (local, county, area, district, or state) must have an official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate) issued within 30 days of the date of exhibition. The certificate must show the animal’s name, sex, registry number, color, and identification.
  • No brucellosis or tuberculosis bloodwork testing is required.
  • Health Certificate must also state that intact males have (2) normal testicles; breeding females have normal external organs; or, veterinarian’s confirmation of non-breeder status.
  • Exhibitors entering Tennessee or crossing other states will want to check with the State Veterinary Office of each state entered to determine that state’s requirements.