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Suri, Silky, Light, Medium, Moderate/Extreme Heavy
Non-Breeder Llama Halter
Produce of Dam & Get of Sire
Adult Showmanship
Novice & Advanced Obstacle
Novice & Advanced Public Relations
Novice & Advanced Pack
Pleasure & Obstacle Driving – Single Hitch

  • Grand & Reserve Champion in all halter classes
  • Grand & Reserve Champion in Performance
  • Grand & Reserve Performance Champions in each youth category
  • Performance Best in Show
  • Halter Best in Show


  • Juvenile Llama: born on dates beginning May 30, 2015 and ending on December 30, 2015
  • Yearling Llama: born on dates beginning May 29, 2014 and ending on May 28, 2015
  • Two Year old Llama: born on dates beginning May 29, 2013 and ending on May 28, 2014
  • Adult Llama: born on or before May 29, 2013

This rule applies to Get of Sire and Produce of Dam. YOUTH ages are determined as of January 1, 2016 except for 7 – years who are eligible to show as of their birthday. Youth must have written permission of a parent, guardian, or project leader.All entries must be in the name of the Youth who may exhibit only one entry per Youth class and show in appropriate Youth category. Youth may share the same llama except in the same age division.

Age Categories:

Junior: 7 years through 11 years
Intermediate: 12 years through 15 years
Senior: 18 years 16 years through 18 years*** Age divisions at this show may be combined if there are fewer than 8 total entries in any two of the age categories.

All other rules in ILR-SD apply. The ILR-SD rules take precedence over mistakes in written booklet rules.  Judge has final decisions.  The following are llama classes available: PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ENTRIES ON YOUR ENTRY FORM FOR GRAND & RESERVE CLASSES – THESE ARE FOR SHOW TABULATION ONLY.


Performance classes are designed to present or stimulate conditions and/or obstacles that could be encountered in certain situations where llamas are required to perform. These classes should demonstrate the intelligence and versatility of the llama and the relationship with its handler.

Llamas may only be shown in one Performance Division: Advanced, Novice, or Youth.

Class 01      Pleasure Driving
Class 02      Obstacle Driving
Class 03      Advanced Trail Pack
Class 04      Novice Trail Pack
Class 05      Senior Youth Pack
Class 06      Intermediate Youth Pack
Class 07      Junior Youth Pack
Class 08      Advanced Freestyle Obstacle
Class 09      Novice Freestyle Obstacle
Class 10      Senior Youth Obstacle
Class 11      Intermediate Youth Obstacle
Class 12      Junior Youth Obstacle
Class 13      Advanced Companion PR
Class 14      Novice Companion PR
Class 15      Senior Youth P.R.
Class 16      Intermediate Youth P.R.
Class 17      Junior Youth P.R.



The Showmanship class is a demonstration of the handler’s ability to show his or her llama to its best advantage at halter. Judging is based on the exhibitor’s basic skills in fitting, grooming, following directions, and style of presenting the llama to a judge for evaluation. The llama’s conformation is not to be considered. Handler’s attire should be neat, clean, and appropriate for the class and should follow ILR-SD’s recommended dress code.

Class 18 Adult Showmanship Over 18 years old
Class 19 Junior Youth Showmanship
Class 20 Intermediate Youth Showmanship
Class 21 Senior Youth Showmanship


The fiber exhibits a distinct locked architecture with luster, hangs straight down the midline on the back, consists of locks that form close to the skin.  Fiber exhibits independent movement, has a cool, slick handle.  Fiber exhibits no crimp or loft.  Coverage may vary from light to heavy.  Ideally, entries exhibit the majority of these criteria.

Suri Female 

Class 22 Juvenile
Class 23 Yearling
Class 24 Two Year Old
Class 25 Adult
Class 26 Grand Champion
Class 27 Reserve Champion

Suri Male

Class 28 Juvenile
Class 29 Yearling
Class 30 Two Year Old
Class 31 Adult
Class 32 Grand Champion
Class 33 Reserve Champion


Fiber exhibits a very soft or silky handle, fiber may exhibit some wave or crinkle but not crimp, may exhibit some loft or luster, guard hair is nearly indiscernible, coverage may vary from light to heavy. Ideally, entries exhibit the majority of these criteria.

Silky Wool Female
Class 34 Juvenile
Class 35 Yearling
Class 36 Two Year Old
Class 37 Adult
Class 38 Grand Champion
Class 39 Reserve Champion
Silky Wool Male
Class 40 Juvenile
Class 41 Yearling
Class 42 Two Year Old
Class 43 Adult
Class 44 Grand Champion
Class 45 Reserve Champion


This is a combination of light & classic wool llamas.  The criteria mostly includes abundant guard hair visible on the body and neck of the animals, with short and minimal “downy” undercoat, the presence of guard hair “mane” on the back of the neck, a natural change in fleece at the level of the elbow/stifle, with fleece below this point being very short, natural windows of short fleece-brisket, belly, flank, minimal fleece on legs/head with characteristics like guard guard, not the downy undercoat, most will have double coat with moderate density but short length, fleece should rapidly decline below the elbow/stifle, and be very short below the knee/hock.  Most animals will exhibit obvious guard hair that is longer than the undercoat.

Light/Classic Wool Female

Class 46 Juvenile
Class 47 Yearling
Class 48 Two Year Old
Class 49 Adult
Class 50 Grand Champion
Class 51 Reserve Champion

Light/Classic Wool Male

Class 52 Juvenile
Class 53 Yearling
Class 54 Two Year Old
Class 55 Adult
Class 56 Grand Champion
Class 57 Reserve Champion


Animals may be double coated with moderate density and length, front legs may exhibit coverage extending down the leg with minimal coverage below the knee, rear legs may exhibit coverage extending down the leg with minimal coverage below the hock.

Medium Wool Female

Class 58 Juvenile
Class 59 Yearling
Class 60 Two Year Old
Class 61 Adult
Class 62 Grand Champion
Class 63 Reserve Champion

Medium Wool Male

Class 64 Juvenile
Class 65 Yearling
Class 66 Two Year Old
Class 67 Adult
Class 68 Grand Champion
Class 69 Reserve Champion


This is a combination of moderate to extreme heavy wool llamas.  Animals will exhibit even neck fleece that blends into body fleece of moderate to heavy density and length, front legs will exhibit coverage from down to the knees or to the toes,  rear legs will exhibit coverage down to the pastern on the back of legs with minimal to heavy coverage.

Moderate/Extreme Heavy Wool Female

Class 70 Juvenile
Class 71 Yearling
Class 72 Two Year Old
Class 73 Adult
Class 74 Grand Champion
Class 75 Reserve Champion

Moderate/Extreme Heavy Wool Male

Class 76 Juvenile
Class 77 Yearling
Class 78 Two Year Old
Class 79 Adult
Class 80 Grand Champion
Class 81 Reserve Champion


These classes are for gelding, vasectomized males, and spayed or non-reproductive females that are suitable for other purposes. These llamas must be accompanied by a registration or veterinary certificate verifying the above condition. There are no sex or wool divisions in these classes.

Class 82 Yearling
Class 83 Two Year Old
Class 84 Adult
Class 85 Grand Champion
Class 86 Reserve Champion


The production classes will be judged on the parent’s ability to pass on positive traits to their offspring.  Produce of Dam requires two offspring out of the same dam.

Class 87 Produce of Dam


The production classes will be judged on the parent’s ability to pass on positive traits to their offspring. Each entry must include three offspring from the same sire and the produce must represent at least two different dams.

Class 88 Get of Sire


Class 89 Junior Youth Performance Champions Grand & Reserve
Class 90 Intermediate Youth Performance Champions Grand & Reserve
Class 91 Senior Youth Performance Champions Grand & Reserve
Class 92 Performance Best in Show
Class 93 Halter Best in Show