It has been amazing at the number of requests we have had for guardian llamas recently.  Gelded males and retired breeding females make excellent guardians for sheep, goats, and alpacas.  We have only three left at $750 each.  Buy two together at $650 each or all three for $1800.  The guardians are Summer, Smoke, and Knickolette.  They are large llamas but are halter-trained and easy to manage.  Beware of so called “guard llamas” that are not halter-trained and manageable.  You […]

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Llamas Make Great Guardians & Companion Livestock for the Family Farm

The last couple of years we have had many requests for llamas as guardians for sheep, goats, and cattle.  Gelded males and older female llamas appear to be the best candidates to use as guardians for farm livestock.  Llamas bond well with all types of livestock.  We have placed several llamas the last few years as guardians and companions.  We encourage our new owners to take their llamas on hikes on the farm in addition to letting them be livestock […]

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The Great Llama Race

We took two of our llama boys to “The Great Llama Race” in Knoxville on Saturday, April 11th.  We had a wonderful time with Sinbad & Czar Czar running in the race.  The boys were so good and must have posed for over 100 selfies with “llama lovers” all day. Attached is a picture of the Principal of Karnes High School who ran with Sinbad and a student at Carter High School who was decorating Czar Czar for the parade.  What […]

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